The “Frog Guiro” is a wooden percussion instrument native to Thailand, popular with children and percussion students for its uncanny ability to croak like a live frog. They work great in Latin music too!

There are varying sizes of frog guiros, ranging from as little as 2 inches in length, up to 7 inches and beyond!


THREE different sized frog guiros were sampled, each played with their own matched wooden stick. There are 2 microphone options available, and each frog was sampled “muted” in addition to the normal playing style, to offer variety.

Articulations include:


  • Full Strokes – 2 Speeds / forwards and backwards
  • Half Strokes – 2 Speeds / forwards and backwards
  • Brush Strokes – forwards and backwards
  • Tremolo / Rolls – Up to 2 speeds


  • Front
  • Side
  • Tail

Not all articulations are available for each frog, as the different sizes could not accommodate the same playing techniques. All three frogs are playable from within the one patch, with individual mic level control, panning, and playing style switching.

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Frogs spotted in the wild

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