At the core of the library is a Yamaha C3 grand piano, sampled with a human touch. But what we think you’ll like the most is the range of extended techniques, wrapped up in our multi-layered articulation engine with independent controls for each sound-source, as well as a unique “Padify” mode that can turn any sound into an organically rich texture.

Such levels of tweakability and sculpting possibilities make one heck of a versatile instrument!


There are 16 unique articulations that you can use independently, or layer with others, including:

  • Piano  //  The ‘standard’ articulation
  • Soft Piano  //  Only the softest of dynamic layers
  • Dream Piano  //  Resonant sustains rich with harmonics
  • Octaves  //  Real sampled octaves. None of that fake stuff…
  • Hammer // Piano strings played with wooden dulcimer hammers
  • Hammer Muted  //  Strings played with Dulcimer Hammers but muted with the palm
  • Pencils  //  The piano strings struck with limited edition Botdog Samples pencils
  • Palm Mute  //  Piano played normally but with strings muted by hand
  • Harmonic  //  Like guitar harmonics, but… with a piano
  • Harp-monic  //  A resonant harmonic tone with harp-like qualities
  • Bloomer  //  Harmonics with the sustain pedal pressed. Big and bloomy
  • Electric Kalimba  //  An electric kalimba, recorded via direct input
  • Mountain Air  // A pad made from the tails of our Bloomer samples
  • Shimmerrr  //  A textural pad that twinkles and shimmers
  • Another Pad  //  Another pad
  • Atonal FX  //  A small selection of scrapes and horror-esque noises from inside the piano

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The samples come from a 6’1″ Yamaha C3 grand piano, recorded with an Earthworks PM40 Piano Mic system. This method of recording captures a clean and close sound, void of any nasty room resonances or reflections. It’s a setup often used for studio or live recordings to capture the detail and purity of a piano’s tone, while offering the flexibility to apply processing and effects in post production.

We’ve included 6 custom reverbs, positioning controls, and independent EQ for each articulation to help you achieve your desired depth and space, right out of the metaphorical box. Be it the sound of a small studio, the back of a cathedral, or to the left of a concert hall stage, our interface can get you there.

There is a “wetness” control for each layer, providing long, lush, cinematic reverb, independent from the global reverb controls.

In addition to the layer specific controls, there are global settings to affect all layers at once, including positioning controls, reverb, EQ, and tape saturation.

While we LOVE the level of tweaking this instrument allows, we understand that sometimes you just wanna open an instrument and play without faffing about, so we’ve included over 50 snapshot presets to let those creative juices flow in no time!

Since the focus of this library was to create a versatile cinematic instrument that offers experimental and useful techniques while keeping the file-size and cost nice and low, it is not as detailed or sampled as deeply as some of the more dedicated piano libraries available.

Piano – between 4-9 dynamic layers per note, averaging out at around 5-6.

Pencils – 2 dynamics and 3 round robins

Hammers – 3 round robins via note-borrowing and simulated dynamics

Palm mutes – 3 dynamics and 3 round robins

Electric kalimba – 3 round robin

All others will be one recorded dynamic layer with simulated dynamics via EQ and filters.

Requires full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher
Library takes up approx. 1.5GB storage space